The MagPi Issue 57 Comes with Google Voice Interaction Kit

The latest issue of The MagPi is out and it is a little bit special. It comes with a kit from Google that allows you to add voice interactivity to your Raspberry Pi projects.

If you aren’t already running to the shops then carry on reading while that sinks in.

Not content with giving away a computer on the cover The MagPi is now giving away artificial intelligence. You’ll need to provide your own Pi (Pi 2, Pi 3 or Pi Zero) and SD card but then you have a device that will be the envy of all your friends and family.

Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) with C++

Peters was aghast. All my senses are filling up, he said.

It’s true. He puts on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and is stimulated.

‘It is the 2.0 of our species,’ I remarked. ‘Mixed reality has brought new synthetic possibilities to our natural world.’

‘Never mind that,’ my obese Dutch lodger replied, ‘I want to be a king! When I speak, all my subjects will obey me!’

So I updated Peters virtual world, to allow him to speak to his computer. And to let the computer speak back to him.

Audio Classifier using PyBrain Neural Network

In my last post, I used an existing Iris flower data set to train and test a PyBrain Neural Network. With the network in place, I was able classify an Iris flower into one of three species: Iris setosa, Iris versicolor, Iris virginica.

But can I create my own audio data set to train and test a PyBrain Neural Network? And once the network is in place, will it be able to classify the words Yes and No correctly? Let’s find out!

Create an audio data set

First, we need to create an audio data set.

Practice acting using Python

Arkwood wants to be an actor. ‘But I keep fluffing my lines,’ he cried.

I told him I could help. I added a new feature to SaltwashAR – the Python Augmented Reality application – so that the robots can help him learn his role as The Dude in the stage production of the film The Big Lebowski.

Sporty Robot will play the part of Walter Sobchak, a Vietnam veteran and the Dude’s best friend and bowling teammate.

Phrase Translation using Python

I am Scottish. Arkwood is Belgian. Yesterday, he said, ‘I can never understand a word you say. It all sounds Greek to me.’

I told him to go fuck himself. He understood that clearly enough. Crystal clear. We started to punch each other in the groinal region.

‘Okay, okay!’ I exclaimed, gasping for air, ‘I will get one of my robots to teach you Scottish.’


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