How Samsung Italy built an access control system with ARTIK and

Inside the Samsung District in Milan, Italy, members of the sales and product & solutions teams meet with companies to showcase the latest technologies from Samsung. Visiting customers can see the newest and most innovative products in action. The B2B showroom demonstrates, for example, what a digital signage solution might look like when it’s installed in a store, or how collaboration tools could be used in a meeting room.

Docker builds on ARM servers: you’re not crazy, your builds really are 5x faster

Last week, we announced the arrival of Docker's multi-stage build feature to the image builder. The main benefit? Much smaller images for faster download times.

This week, we're focused on build speed. We can now build your container images on bare metal ARM servers, increasing build speed by up to five times—with the potential for much bigger increases.

Multi-stage Docker builds for tiny IoT images makes heavy use of Docker containers. Containers make it easy to ship applications with a standard list of parts and instructions, and by bringing this approach to connected devices we greatly simplify the fleet management process. Docker has many features that make it suitable for IoT applications, but there's one recent release that has us particularly excited: with Docker’s new multi-stage build capabilities, you can make your application images anywhere from 5 to 100 times smaller


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