Raspberry Pi

OpenGL basic lighting on Oculus Rift

Reading a paperback by candlelight might sound romantic. Alas, it is a fucking pain.

‘I can’t read the unmasking,’ I told Arkwood, ‘cos a wax dripping has sealed the last few pages.’

Arkwood twisted the hem of his nightgown and frowned. ‘Perhaps I will fetch a pail of water from the well and boil us some hot potatoes on the grate.’

I was angry. ‘Or perhaps just phone and electrician and get us back into the 21st century!’

Raspberry Pi CCTV Camera with motionEyeOS

As I progressed with my original security camera project I realised that I was making slow progress and I would struggle to complete the software in a sensible time-frame.

So I decided to simplify everything. A lot. I settled on motionEyeOS as the basis of my system and install just the hardware I needed. If in the future I wanted to add anything else I could do so but my priority was to get something working within a few weeks. It was time to stop designing and start making with what I had not what I thought I might need. This post described what I ended up with.

The Raspberry Pi and other SBCs are the IBM PCs of our time. From educational project to industry disruptor.

It surprises some to learn that the Raspberry Pi has sold mode than 10 million units, becoming the third most popular general purpose computing platform, surpassing the Commodore64, and trailing only, as expected, the Mac and the PC. Some might take offense at the particular slicing and dicing required to formulate the record, others might comment on how far it is from #2. But they’d be missing the point.


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