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DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor and the Raspberry Pi

The DHT11 is a low-cost temperature and humidity sensor. It isn’t the fastest sensor around but its cheap price makes it useful for experimenting or projects where you don’t require new readings multiple times a second. The device only requires three connections to the Pi. +3.3v, ground and one GPIO pin.

DHT11 Specifications

The device itself has four pins but one of these is not used. You can buy the 4-pin device on its own or as part of a 3-pin module.

Holding a cup in VR

‘I have electrocuted my finger,’ Arkwood said casually, ‘make us a cup of tea, would ya.’

No problem. I told him to put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. I started my Microsoft Visual Studio C++ application (with OpenGL graphics library and the Oculus SDK for Windows) and he took a slurp of virtual cha.

Here is the video of Arkwood consuming his refreshment:

Doors with OpenGL

Hunched round the campfire, the workmen said excitedly, ‘Please, sir, tell us again about the doors you constructed in virtual reality!’

Arnold pretended not to understand. Poking his sausage on the end of a twig into the flames, he replied, ‘What doors?’

The workmen shouted in unison, ‘The doors you constructed with a Microsoft Visual Studio C++ application, using OpenGL graphics library and the Oculus SDK for Windows!’

‘Okay, okay,’ Arnold smiled, laying the twig against a stone to slow cook the meat. ‘Well, it all began with collision detection…’


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