Oculus Rift

OpenGL specular lighting on Oculus Rift

Arkwood disrobed, tossing his T-shirt onto the BBQ. ‘Oh, it is sooo hot outside!’ he lamented. Keen for the neighbours not to spy his scrawny bones and faint, I suggested he leave the back garden for the house.

‘But I love the light,’ he continued, crying.

‘Dont worry,’ I empathised, ‘Put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and I will pipe in all the light you desire.’

3D collision detection with C++

Peters was eating a pie. Nothing unusual there, as it was Christmas day and time to let the drawstrings loose. And he stuffs his gut all year anyhow. But I was particularly fascinated by the way the crumbs exploded on his fat face as he shovelled the meat-filled pastry into his gob.

‘Ah, that reminds me,’ I announced, my finger prodding empty air, ‘I need to do some collision detection.’

It was for my virtual world, which contains a cube and a cone:


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