Send Pushover Notification when MotionEyeOS Boots

Now I’ve got a few MotionEyeOS based cameras around the house I wanted an easier way to know when they were rebooted and also have a link on my phone to make it easier to access the camera feed. I’ve got the excellent Pushover app on my phone so I decided to get MotionEyeOS to send Pushover notifications whenever it restarted. The notification states what the IP address is and provides a handy link to click.

The notifications look like this :

Detection Area Masking in motionEyeOS on the Raspberry Pi

Now that I’ve got a few motionEyeOS cameras working around the house I’ve made a few tweaks to optimise the events they capture. They are both in areas that capture movement from plants and animals and this motion can create lots of unnecessary images.

In order to reduce these “false positives” you can create a “mask” which tells motionEyeOS to ignore movement in certain areas of the image.

Raspberry Pi CCTV Camera with motionEyeOS

As I progressed with my original security camera project I realised that I was making slow progress and I would struggle to complete the software in a sensible time-frame.

So I decided to simplify everything. A lot. I settled on motionEyeOS as the basis of my system and install just the hardware I needed. If in the future I wanted to add anything else I could do so but my priority was to get something working within a few weeks. It was time to stop designing and start making with what I had not what I thought I might need. This post described what I ended up with.

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