1.3 Deploy the container in another machine


With the only requirement to have Docker installed, you can deploy the container to any machine and directly get the reading of the DHT22 sensor.

Remove no needed images. You can use an ID or the name to remove an image:

$ docker rmi -f 7d9495d03763
$ docker rmi -f docker-whale

Pull and load a new image from your repository using the docker run command:

# If you want to pull first
docker pull raspberryhack/wiringpi:v1
docker start <CONTAINER ID>

Bear in mind that you have to specify the tag ":v1" because if you don't, docker will look for :latest (if no image is tagged as such, it will not be pulled)

and run the container:

docker run --device /dev/ttyAMA0:/dev/ttyAMA0 --device /dev/mem:/dev/mem --privileged -ti raspberryhack/wiringpi:v1 /loldht 8